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Ocean Activity Bundle - Downloadable Only

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This downloadable bundle includes 21 pages of Ocean Activities: 3 full color mini-posters of Ocean Zones and Food Webs and 18 copy-ready activity pages.). These can be used for teaching about Ocean habitats, animals, and food webs or as reference for classroom murals, posters or dioramas.

This Ocean Bundle contains:

  1. Ocean Zones and Intertidal Zones Color Mini-Poster
  2. Ocean Zones Coloring Page (Elementary Level)
  3. Ocean Zones and Intertidal Zones (B&W) (Middle/High School Vocabulary)
  4. Tidal Zones (B&W) - Reference and/or Coloring
  5. Tidal Zone Animals (B&W) - Reference and/or Coloring
  6. Ocean Food Web Color Mini-Poster
  7. Ocean Food Web (B&W) - Reference and/or Coloring
  8. Parts of the Ocean Food Web - Fill in the Blank
  9. Parts of the Ocean Food Web Key
  10. Coral Reef Food Web Color Mini-Poster
  11. Coral Reef Food Web - Fill in the Blank Activity
  12. Coral Reef Fish (B&W) - Reference and/or Coloring
  13. Coral Reef Animals (B&W) - Reference and/or Coloring
  14. Ocean Fish (B&W) - Reference and/or Coloring
  15. Sharks (B&W) - Reference and/or Coloring
  16. Sharks Labeling (B&W) - Reference and/or Coloring
  17. Marine Mammals (B&W) - Reference and/or Coloring
  18. Marine Mammals Labeling (B&W) - Reference and/or Coloring
  19. Ocean Animal Word Search - Primary School
  20. Ocean Animal Word Search - Elementary and Up
  21. Ocean Alphabet (B&W) - Reference and/or Coloring

For more ocean activities, try the Ocean Animals and Habitats Activity Bundle for K-3.

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