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Ocean Animals and Habitats Activities - Downloadable Only

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This bundle includes 42 black and white (copy ready), age-appropriate Ocean resources including: crossword puzzles, word searches, hidden pictures, mazes, unscrambles, matching, coloring and drawing activities. (61 pages total). Copyright ©2020 Sheri Amsel • All rights reserved by author. Permission to copy for classroom use only. Electronic distribution limited to classroom use only.

Planning a Unit on Oceans and want to make it relevant with the Next Generation Science Standards? Try the Ocean NGSS Curriculum Bundle for Grades K-5.

Activities include:
1. Ocean Animals Crossword Puzzle (1 page)
2. Ocean Animal Dot to Dot Plus Fun Fact (1 page)
3. Hungry Harbor Seal Maze (1 page)
4. Learn About and Draw the Giant Squid (2 pages)
5. Coral Reef Close Up Coloring Page (1 page)
6. Learn About Coral Reefs and What’s Missing Activity (1 page)
7. Coral Reef Animals Unscramble and Coloring Page (2 pages)
8. Match the Ocean Animals to What They Eat Activity (1 page)
9. Ocean Animal Dot to Dot Plus Fun Fact (1 page)
10. Color the Beach Habitat (1 page)
11. What’s Different Activity - Beach Habitat (1 page)
12. Everglades Hidden Picture (1 page)
13. Matching Tunas Activity (1 page)
14. Color the Shark Species (1 page)
15. Find the Shark Species Word Search (1 page)
16. Learn About and Draw the Flamingo (2 pages)
17. Learn About and Color a Salt Marsh (2 pages)
18. Color the Ocean Animals (1 page)
19. Name the Ocean Animals Plus Fun Facts (2 pages)
20. Learn About and Draw the Hawkbill Sea Turtle (2 pages)
21. Color the Ocean Layers and Zones Plus Fun Fact
22. Creature of the Deep Dot to Dot Plus Fun Fact (1 page)
23. Color the Tide Pool (1 page)
24. What’s Different Activity - Tide Pool (1 page)
25. Color the Ocean Birds (1 page)
26. Tropical Fish Maze (1 page)
27. Learn About and Draw the Bottlenose Dolphin (2 pages)
28. Coral Reef Hidden Picture (1 page)
29. Ocean Animals Word Search (1 page)
30. Learn About and Draw the Blue Shark (2 pages)
31. Color the Ocean Fish (1 page)
32. Tide Zone Maze (1 page)
33. Learn About and Draw the Southern Stingray (2 pages)
34. Color the Mangrove (1 page)
35. Learn About and Unscramble Birds of the Mangrove (1 page)
36. Learn About and Draw a Manatee Plus Ocean Fun Facts (2 pages)
37. Sea horse Search (1 page)
38. Matching Tropical Fish (1 page)
39. Learn About and Draw the Killer Whale (2 pages)
40. Whale of a Meal Maze (1 page)
41. Matching Lobsters (1 page)
42. Ocean Crossword Puzzle (2 pages)
Solutions (6 pages)

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