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Draw Your Own Portable Animal Habitat Mural (or Tablecloth)

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1) Learn about the animals and habitats.
2) Develop motor skills.
3) Create a nature table cloth or a portable mural for display.
4) Have fun!  

Materials list:
1) Plastic table cloth (lightweight) or platic shower curtain
2) Black sharpy markers
3) A series of colored sharpy markets
4) Large table on which to drape the table cloth/shower curtain

1) Decide on a habitat or animal group you want to depict on your table cloth/mural. Here are some choice and links to the step by step directions on how to draw each animal.

Coral Reef
Deciduous Forest
African Grassland
Amazon Rainforest

2) Using a black sharpy marker, follow the step by step drawing directions (you can practice on a blank piece of paper first if you wish).

3) Look up the animals their colors here.

4) Then using the color sharpy markers, color them.

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