Exploring Nature with Kids

Hello and welcome back to Exploring Nature. Our incredible founder and lead creative, Sheri Amsel, has invited me to share my experience with Exploring Nature resources in the hopes of inspiring and creating value for this wonderful community.

As a mother of two and former school principal (aka I’m obsessed with growing children’s skillset and curiosities), I am grateful for the depth and breadth of resources on the Exploring Nature website. Though I have been a subscriber for nearly a decade, I have become more reliant on the resources since the pandemic hit New York last March.

Like a lot of other parents, the pandemic has presented a paradox.

On one hand, it has been scary, sad, and just plain stressful to deal with so much loss of life and uncertainty. But on the other hand, the pandemic has given me an opportunity to reimagine how I spend time with my children and what role I play in their education.

Access to Exploring Nature’s resources have become essential, and have provided my family a lifeline during these challenging times.

Through activities that I have downloaded and accessed on Exploring Nature, my children are growing their academic skillset and science muscle, and also their love and sense of responsibility for taking care of the people, animals, and environment in which they live. It is truly magical and makes me feel, dare I say, lucky.

Moving forward, it is my intention to share some of our favorites in the hopes that by doing so we will inspire new adventures and discussions among this special community. Thank you for supporting Exploring Nature and for the work that you do building the world’s capacity to understand and enjoy science, nature, and so much more.

With love & nature,


Stacy & her two junior explorers on a lovely morning hike