Whiling Away Winter In the Rainforest

It was 15 below zero this morning. Not that unusual for January in the Adirondack Mountains, but after a month of frigid temperatures and icy conditions, one starts to feel a sense of desperation about the conditions. Thoughts of driving to the Biodome in Montreal to sit in the Amazon Rainforest exhibit have been popping into my head regularly.
Perhaps the answer is to learn about warm, tropical places. Immerse yourself in tropical habitats. Here are a few suggestions for winter tropical science. I hope they warm you up!
Read about the African Rainforest

Color and African Rainforest

Read about the Amazon Rainforest

Color an Amazon Rainforest

Paint an Amazon Rainforest Mural

Make an Amazon Rainforest Diorama

Read about the Asian Rainforest

Color an Asian Rainforest

Also try some cool pictures from Dr. Scott Amsel’s travels with the Orangutan Foundation and other organizations:

Amazon River Dolphin:

Dr. Scott Amsel with baby orangutan:

Baby tiger:

Dr. Amsel and baby tiger:






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