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Draw, Color, and Learn About Rainforests

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In Draw, Color, & Learn About Rainforests, you will learn to draw 26 animals from the Amazon, African and Asian rainforests. You will also learn about each rainforest and each animal's physical traits, diet, range, and habitat. You'll be able to color each animal alone and in one of three rainforest mini-posters. You’ll be able to test your knowledge with animal labeling pages for each rainforest as well as a food web coloring page and matching activity. This drawing and rainforest guide will help you draw animals for rainforest posters, murals, and even dioramas. You will learn about the rainforests of the world - and draw them. 125 pages.

Planning a Unit on Rainforests and want to make it relevant with the Next Generation Science Standards? Try the downloadable NGSS Curriculum Bundle on Rainforests.

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