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The Rodent, the Bee, and the Brazil Nut Tree (Soft Cover)

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2023 Nautilus Book Award Gold Winner!
Gold Winner for illustrated, nonfiction children's books.
On the 2023 Green Earth Book Award Short List!

When living things work together, it can have spectacular results. We see this cooperation in the Amazon Rainforest between a shiny bee, a little rodent, a beautiful orchid, and a mighty Brazil nut tree. Because of their connection, tons of delicious Brazil nuts are enjoyed by people around the world. Yet, if just one of these living things disappears, Brazil nuts will not grow. Learn about this amazing relationship between animals and plants and what makes this special ecosystem thrive.

This beautifully illustrated, 46 page, soft cover, picture book tells a story that will entertain while teaching important concepts about the biological world around us. In the back of the book read more about the animals of the rainforest and try some games and activities to understand more about how plants and animals work together.

The purchase of The Rodent, the Bee, and the Brazil Nut Tree  book comes with FREE downloadable copies of The Rodent, the Bee, and the Brazil Nut Tree Science Curriculum Bundle ($9.95) and The Rodent, the Bee, and the Brazil Nut Tree Activity Bundle ($5.00) to make this book a great resource for K-5 classroom science.

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Book Reviews:
The Rodent, the Bee, and the Brazil Nut Tree is beautifully illustrated, and details the many relationships various animals and insects of the rainforest have with the Brazil Nut Tree. In addition, this book describes how vital a rainforest ecosystem is in the life of the Brazil Nut Tree and the many species that depend on it for life. Finally, the book offers numerous activities and further information about other rainforest animals.”
– Christine Miller, Texas Master Naturalist  and Behavior Interventionist

The Rodent, the Bee, and the Brazil Nut Tree: This book is written by Sheri Amsel & Can be found on This book is a quick but educational read. If you are building a unit study on the rain forest, symbiotic relationships in nature or mutualism relationships in nature, then this book would be a wonderful addition!  Logan & I both learned a lot while we were reading. We had no clue that Brazil nuts required so much “help” just to exist. We also learned that they cannot grow anyplace else in the world due to their need for such a specific ecosystem. I know some educators will love to hear that at the back of the book there is vocabulary, fun facts, activity’s, games / puzzles. This book & curriculum is geared towards k-8. On the Exploring Nature website, they do offer curriculum bundle to dive in a bit deeper (which is broken down by grade level) & an activity bundle. The illustrations are eye catching and remind me slightly of hidden picture books. This is one I definitely recommend!
– Ashlee Hedricks, Book reviewer on Instagram

I had the opportunity to read the book, The Rodent, the Bee, and the Brazil Nut Tree with an elementary aged audience. The book was clear, and easy to understand. I appreciated the comparison of the size of the nuts and describing how one could get hurt if it fell on you! This is just a suggestion but the book ends on a sad note. Saying how these could be gone forever, which is a very real fact, but perhaps not have that be the very end. Maybe adding one more page of a positive note appreciating the beauty of the natural cycle or even just saying, "the following pages will give you some ideas on how to learn more about the beautiful nature". We did the search and I was asked why one would need a brush on a hike. Maybe adding a notebook instead? The most difficult to find was the silverware. We found the shovel the easiest. I did like the little blurb on each animal that was pictured. maybe add a sentence or two on the plants featured? All these are just suggestions, and my own opinion. thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share this book with my homeschooling families.
– Michele Wayman, Homeschool Educator

The Rodent, the Bee, and the Brazil Nut Tree book was a great way to show students not just a food web process but also how important detailed diagrams are for scientific learning or any learning. This book ties perfectly into the ecosystem standards at the elementary and middle school level, so I am recommending this book to both the elementary and middle school librarians to purchase for the science teachers to use in their classrooms. It's also good for making students aware of global issues that are impacting our world. The “For Educators and Parents” pages are a huge positive. You have included everything I was thinking about as I was reading the book.
– Lori-Lyn Griffin, Connections Coaching Coordinator, M.Ed Science Education