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Classroom Mega-Bundle - Adirondack Animals and Habitats - 3 Downloadable Books and 3 Curriculum Bundles

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This extensive classroom resource includes 3 downloadable books and 3 NGSS curriculum bundles with activities that tie the books to fulfilling the Next Generation Science Standards.

These 3 Books include 160 pages of reading, drawing, and activities about animals and habitats:
Drawing Adirondack Wildlife   
Color an Adirondack Year                       
Adirondack Alphabet

These 3 Curriculum Bundles include 192 resources (reading, diagrams, activities) addressing 6 standards in 106 pages:
NGSS Curriculum Bundle - Outdoor Science
NGSS Curriculum Bundle - Exploring Wetlands
NGSS Curriculum Bundle - Drawing Wildlife Bundle

The total value of this collection is $59

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"Activities introducing science concepts to young learners that will help them build knowledge throughout their lives."