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Body Tissues - Content and Diagrams for High School and College - Downloadable ONLY

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This bundle includes the functions, characteristics, and classifications of the four kinds of body tissues with diagrams and illustrated text.
1) The four basic tissue types of the human body - Illustrated Diagram (1 page)
2) Functions, characteristics, and classifications of Epithelium - Illustrated (3 pages):
• Epithelial Tissue
• Connective Tissue
• Special Connective Tissue (Cartilage, Bone, Blood)
3) Functions, characteristics, and structural elements of Nervous Tissue - Illustrated (1 page)
4) Functions, characteristics, and classifications of Muscle Tissue - Illustrated (1 Page)
5) Organization of the body from cells to tissues to organs to organ systems - Illustrated Diagram (1 page)
6) Cells of the Body Systems - where different kinds of cells and tissues are located- Illustrated Diagram (1 page)