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Draw a Deciduous Forest Habitat - Downloadable Only

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This drawing bundle includes 18 copy-ready* pages with 15 step-by-step “How to Draw” Deciduous Forest animal pages and two Deciduous Forest mini-posters (color and black & white). These can be used for teaching about deciduous forest habitats, animals, and food webs or drawing classroom murals, posters or dioramas.

This Deciduous Forest Bundle contains:

  1. About Deciduous Forests
  2. Deciduous Forest Coloring Page (black & white)
  3. Deciduous Forest Mini-poster (color)
  4. How to Draw a Black Bear
  5. How to Draw a Blue Jay
  6. How to Draw a Cardinal
  7. How to Draw a Chipmunk
  8. How to Draw a White-tailed Deer
  9. How to Draw a Red Fox
  10. How to Draw a Snowshoe Hare
  11. How to Draw a Great Horned Owl
  12. How to Draw a Porcupine
  13. How to Draw a Raccoon
  14. How to Draw a Gray Squirrel
  15. How to Draw a Wild Turkey
  16. How to Draw a Long-tailed Weasel
  17. How to Draw a Hairy Woodpecker
  18. How to Draw a Luna Moth

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