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Grade 4 - Structure and Function and Information Processing in Humans - Downloadable Only

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Fulfill the following Next Generation Science Standards:
LS1.A: Structure and Function in Humans
LS1.D: Information Processing
*For Grade 4, these standards are about the physical structures that helps in humans survive.

This bundle includes 18 age-appropriate resources about Structures and Functions in Humans and Information Processing including: Reading, Color Diagrams, Activities, Performance Tasks and Assessment (29 pages total):

• Structure and Function of Organisms and Next Generation Science Standards - Primer for Educators
• Rubric Building Resource
1) Structure and Function of Organisms of Humans - Reading, Short Answer Quiz and Answer Sheet (3 pages)
2)  Animal Structure and Function - Humans - Mini-Poster
3) Human Structure and Function - Short Answer and Answer Key (2 pages)
4) Human Structure and Function - Critical Thinking and Answer Key (2 pages)
5) The Muscles - Structure and Function - Mini-Poster
6) The Digestive System - Structure and Function - Mini-Poster
7) The Circulatory System - Structure and Function - Mini-Poster
8) The Skeleton - Structure and Function - Mini-Poster
9) The Nervous System - Structure and Function - Mini-Poster
10) The Respiratory System - Structure and Function - Mini-Poster
11) The Nervous System - Sensory Input Mini-Poster (1 page)
12) Sensing the World - Matching and Answer Sheet (2 pages)
13) Sense of Smell (Olfactory Sense) - Mini-Poster (1 page)
14) Sight (Vision) Mini-Poster (1 page)
15) Sense of Taste (Gustatory Sense) Mini-Poster (1 page)
16) Hearing (Auditory Sense) Mini-Poster (1 page)
17) Sense of Touch Mini-Poster (1 page)
18) Sensory Input - Investigation with Data Collection Sheet (3 pages)


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