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Life Cycles (Animal) Bundle for Grade 3-5 - Downloadable Only

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This bundle includes 19 Resources about Life Cycles, including: Reading, Color Diagrams, Activities and Testing (25 pages total).

Included in the Life Cycles Activity Bundle:
1. Life Cycles Primer for Educators
2. Life Cycle Reading
3. Life Cycle Short Answer Quiz and Answer Sheet (2 pages - Copy Ready) - Reading Comprehension Assessment
4. Life Cycle of a Bullfrog Color Diagram
5. Life Cycle of a Green Frog Sequencing Activity (Copy Ready)
6. Life Cycle Sequencing Answer Sheet Template (For all Life Cycle Activities - Copy Ready)
7. Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly Color Diagram (Complete Metamorphosis)
8. Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly Sequencing Activity (Copy Ready)
9. Life Cycle of a Grasshopper Color Diagram (Incomplete Metamorphosis)
10. Life Cycle of a Bluebird Color Diagram
11. Life Cycle of a Bluebird Sequencing Activity (Copy Ready)
12. Life Cycle of a Snapping Turtle Color Diagram
13. Life Cycle of a Snapping Turtle Coloring Page (Copy Ready)
14. Comparing Life Cycles Mini-Poster (Color)
15. How Do Animals Give Birth? Matching and Answer Sheet (2 pages - Color)
16. Life Cycle Model Building - Butterfly and Frog (2 pages - Color)
17. Animals and their Young Mini-Poster (Color)
18. Animals and their Young Coloring Page
19. Life Cycles Multiple Choice Test and Answer Sheet (2 pages - Copy Ready)

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