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Color Rainforests of the World Bundle – Downloadable Only

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This bundle* contains 20 copy-ready pages of the three largest rainforests left on Earth. For more resources to use for lesson plans, sub-plans, class activities, homework assignments, research projects, inquiry and investigations with NGSS fulfillment, go to:

This Rainforest Bundle contains:

  1. Amazon Rainforest Animals Coloring Page
  2. Anaconda Coloring Page
  3. Capybara and Agouti Coloring Page
  4. Scarlet Macaw and Three-toed Sloth Coloring Page
  5. Spider Monkey and Golden Lion Tamarin Coloring Page
  6. Blue Morpho Butterfly and Tapir Coloring Page
  7. Toucan and Jaguar Coloring Page
  8. Iguana and Red-eyed Treefrog Coloring Page
  9. African Rainforest Animals Coloring Page
  10. Chimpanzee Coloring Page
  11. Gorilla Coloring Page
  12. Leopard and Genet Coloring Page
  13. Colobus Monkey Coloring Page
  14. Duiker and Okapi Coloring Page
  15. Asian Rainforest Animals Page
  16. Giant Fruit Bat Coloring Page
  17. Gibbon Coloring Page
  18. Hornbill Coloring Page
  19. Orangutan and Atlas Moth Coloring Page
  20. Tiger Coloring Page

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