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Preschool Science Activity Bundle – Downloadable Only

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20 high resolution, printable activities for preschool-aged children as an introduction to science. These activities promote critical thinking and assess the student's understanding of each topic. They are meant to be done with an adult reading the directions out loud and overseeing use of scissors, glue and coloring materials. Preschool children often need help learning to hold their crayons in a "drawing hold" (instead of a fist). These activities and the use of tools to do them, will help prepare them for kindergarten.

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The Science Activity Bundle for Preschoolers contains:

  • Migrating Maze
  • How Animals Move - Cut and Paste
  • Life Cycles - Cut and Paste
  • Seasons - Cut and Paste
  • Matching Honeybees - Observational Activity
  • Matching Toucans - Observational Activity
  • Matching Grasshoppers - Observational Activity
  • Matching Butterflies - Observational Activity
  • Count and Tally Rodents
  • Count and Tally Fish
  • Count and Tally Beetles
  • Count and Tally Pets
  • Learning the Parts of an Insect Coloring
  • Baby Animals Coloring Page
  • Special Senses Matching
  • Learning Body Parts Matching
  • What Will I Be When I Grow Up? Matching
  • Where Do I Live? Animal Home Matching
  • Animal Diet Matching
  • Which Animal Belongs on the Farm? Coloring

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