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High School Science Activity Bundle – Downloadable Only

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20 high-resolution, printable activities for High School science. These activities promote critical thinking and assess the student's understanding of each topic. Use them as a pre-assessment before the lesson or as a comprehension quiz after the lesson.

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The Science Activity Bundle for High School contains:
• Name the Animals and Plants of a Desert Food Web
• Write in the Winter Adaptations Used by Animals
• Match the Animal to its Class
• Match the Birds' Beaks to their Food
• Label the Nitrogen Cycle
• Geosphere and Rock Cycle Labeling
• Name the Trees by Their Leaf Shape
• Know your Clouds Matching
• Value of Wetlands - Authentic Performance
• Label the Parts of the Flower
• Phases of Matter - Vocabulary Quiz
• Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Quiz
• Organelle Short Answer Quiz
• Cells-Tissues-Organs-Systems – Matching
• Traits and Characteristics - Critical Thinking
• Label the Anatomy of the Dissected Frog
• Name the Joint – Fill in the Blank
• Name the Bones of the Skeleton
• Label the Arteries of the Circulatory System
• Name the Anatomy of the Heart

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