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Winter Wildlife Puzzle Murals

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Winter Wildlife Puzzle Mural


Create a 25.5 x 22” puzzle mural for your classroom. There are two Winter Wildlife Puzzle Murals available:

1) Black and white version for adding a coloring task to the project.

2) Full color version

Materials included in each 14-page PDF:
• 6-pages of black and white cover sheets with wildlife clues and windows that are dotted for easy cut outs (ready for coloring)
• 6-pages of under sheets with labeled wildlife (in black and white for coloring)
• 2-pages of mural maps (showing over page and under pages opened)

1) Print out the 6 cover sheets and color.
2) Using the mural map as an easy guide, tape together to create a 25.5” wide and 22” tall mural (print out on heavier paper for a sturdier mural surface).
3) Use an exacto knife or box cutter to cut out windows (on three sides). Be safe - cut onto a thick scrap of cardboard to protect classroom surfaces.
3) Print out the matching under sheets - color.
4) Line up the matching under sheets and tape in place.
5) Mount on oak tag or cardboard for a sturdier mural.
6) You can use round-head, pronged fasteners to keep the windows closed between uses. Poke a hole next
to each window (on the right side), push the fastener through from behind and use the spread prongs to
keep windows closed.

Winter Wildlife Puzzle Mural
Winter Wildlife Puzzle Mural

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