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What Schools Are Saying About Sheri Amsel's Programs

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From Teachers...

"Both students and I had a wonderful time. We all learned something new. Sheri is a wonderful presenter and had a captivating slide show. ­It was outstanding. Integrated with science, art, geography and reading. A fantastic presentation." — Alice Sage-Pulver, Genet Elementary

"Excellent! Very well paced. Appropriate information, kept their attention in large group setting. Excellent materials and presentation. Would highly recommend." — Raymond J. Dora, Lake Clear Elementary

"This program was terrific! The children were enthused and loved to have drawing session! It tied together art science and meeting an author!" — Alyce Tradenburg, Keeseville Elementary

From Kids...

"I liked everything you did." — Aimee Marsh

"You did a great job with your presentation. You are funny and you are tall." — Adam Cross

"This morning was wonderful. I hope we see you again. You are the best illustrator and author we ever met. We never met an author illustrator before." — Allyssa

"I liked your slides. I’d like to borrow those pictures. You’ve got red hair. And you are tall. We do not care about the color of your hair and if you are tall. We care about you." — Adrianne

What Schools Are Saying About Sheri Amsel's Programs

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