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Wetlands Value - Authentic Performance

The Importance of Wetlands - Authentic Performance

Authentic Performance Activities facilitate a student's understanding of a lesson's usefulness in real life. They are also an Understanding by Design (UbD) assessment tool. Focus questions act as pre- and post-assessment indicators of the activity's effectiveness.

Focus Questions:

1. How are wetlands important environmentally?

2. How are wetlands important economically?

3. Which natural hazards are addressed by wetlands?

Authentic Performance
You are a wetland specialist working for the EPA. A large land developer wants to remove the mangroves and salt marshes along a section of the Florida coast to build a hotel complex with golf courses, tennis courts, and swimming pools. They claim that the development will bring in several hundred new jobs. You need to write a convincing report about why those wetlands are essential environmentally and economically. Read about the Florida everglades, mangroves, salt marshes and wetlands and then list these reasons below.

The Importance of Wetlands - Authentic Performance

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