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Sexual Reproduction vs. Asexual Reproduction (6-8 Grade)

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When organisms reproduce sexually, each parent contributes half the DNA of their offspring. The male provides the sperm and the female provides the egg, bringing about a variation of traits in their young.

Organisms that reproduce asexually produce young without a mate, so they have their exact complement of DNA. Asexual reproduction includes the following  characteristics.

Budding is where offspring split off the existing parent (e.g. hydra).

Fission is where the parent separates into two or more offspring (e.g. bacteria, fungi, amoeba, other microorganisms).

Fragmentation is where the parent body breaks into pieces which each develop into offspring (e.g. starfish, etc.). Parthenogenesis is where a female organism’s eggs develop into young without fertilization (e.g. some species of snake, shark, lizard, etc.)

Vegetative Reproduction is where a parent produces offspring without fertilization (e.g. rhizomes, cuttings, bulbs, etc.).

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Sexual Reproduction vs. Asexual Reproduction (6-8 Grade)

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