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Plant Your Name - Growing Activity

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Gardening is a great way to start kids learning about plants, seasons, Earth's cycles and nature. The Plant Yor Name growing activity is an easy introduction to gardening that will also quite literally give kids a sense of ownership to their garden patch. This activity can be done on a cookie sheet any time of year, but is alos a great summer outdoor activity as well. If you decide to try it outside, you will not need all the materials listed below – just the seeds, floss and a small plot of soil in the sun.

Plant Your Name

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  • an inexpensive cookie sheet
  • potting soil
  • flower seeds (something short and colorful like alyssum).
  • dental floss
  • newspaper to cover work surface

1. Fill the cookie sheet with potting soil.
2. Tear off pieces of dental floss to outline your name on the soil.
3. Sprinkle seeds over the floss.
4. Carefully lift away the floss.
5. Sprinkle enough extra soil over the seeds to cover them.
6. Water very gently.
7. Put the tray in the sun.
8. Water if it gets dry (carefully).

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