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Nature’s Color Wheel Activity

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  • paint chip samples from paint store
  • paper bag to collect colored things
  • glue
  • large oak tag

1. Cut up the paint chips and spread them on a large sheet of oak tag.
2. Have kids look at the colors and talk to them about the different colors. Ask them what colors they think are outside in nature.
3. Send them out into the yard to collect different colored leaves, pebbles, sticks, seeds, etc. Tell them to look for things on the ground if possible (they can make an exception for a really cool colored weed).
4. Empty their bag out onto a sheet of newspaper. Ask then to try to match the plants to the pain chip colors.
5. Glue the natural items next to their colored paint chip (You may have to press the items under a heavy book over night before gluing.)
6. Ask the kids if they realized there were so many colors in nature.
7. Displays your Nature Color Wheel

Nature’s Color Wheel Activity

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