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Move Like an Animal Charades

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  1. Choose an animal from the list and copy how they move.
  2. The other kids should sit in a line and watch you move by and guess which animal you are imitating.
  3. Check the modes of locomotion below. Note that many animals share the same mode of locomotion. If no one can guess your animal by how you move alone, add another feature that will help identify you. For example, a grasshopper rubs its legs together or a bat hangs up-side-down or a bee buzzes.

Hop: kangaroo, grasshopper, rabbit, hare, toad
Run: cheetah, wolf, zebra,
Slither: anaconda, rattlesnake
Swim: fish, shark, whale, seal, dolphin
Fly: swallow, hawk, owl, crow, bat
Swing from Branch to Branch (Brachiate): sloth, orangutan
Walk: bear, raccoon, elephant
Glide: flying squirrel

Move Like an Animal Charades

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