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Make a Name Plate from the Forest

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Stick Name Sign

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  • a rectangular board, like a 12-18 inch length of cedar clapboard
  • craft glue or a low temperature glue gun (with adult supervision) and a pack of glue sticks
  • collected items from the outdoors: seeds, nuts, cones, lichens, dried fungus or flowers, interesting rocks or bark  (only collect bark that has fallen off the tree)
  • sticks for the letter (pinky-sized) - dry stick break more easily for making letters
  • paper bag for collecting
  • newspaper to protect work surface

1. Gather sticks from the backyard or woods. Look for straight sticks (pinky-sized) and ones with forks for letters like M, N and R. Also collect items for decorating the sign (suggested list above).
2. Break the sticks down into 3-4 inch lengths, with shorter pieces for making loops and side bars (like on an E).
3. First glue any background bark onto your board.
4. Arrange the sticks to form your name. Then carefully glue each piece down.
5. Then arrange the items in a pattern that looks interesting you around the edges, gluing them down as you go.
6. Let sit in a safe place for 24-hours to dry.

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