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Leaf People - Outdoor Art Activity

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  • collected dry leaves, sticks, flower heads, seed pods, acorns, maple seeds, feathers, etc.
  • twine
  • scissors
  • glue (hot glue gun and an adult to wield it)
  • newspaper

1. Have kids collect dried leaves, seeds, sticks, birch bark (on the ground only, do not peel off the trees), etc. from the yard. If they can find a stick with a forked end for legs that is a perfect start (side branches for arts is great too, but may not be possible).

2. Spread out the items on a piece of newspaper.

3. Break sticks into 6 inches for body frame. If it has a forked end, let he fork extend about 3 inches on each side for legs.

4. Have the kids use the items to “dress” the stick. You will have to help if you are using the glue gun. This activity takes some patience. If they choose a stick with a forked end, leave one leg longer than the other and when the leaf person is complete, stick it into a mound of clay to stand it up.

5. Easier alternative: Give each child a sheet of paper and dress their stick flat on the paper. They can use a glue stick or Elmer’s glue to glue things down. This works better for younger kids. Give the glue time to dry.

Leaf People - Outdoor Art Activity

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