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Hunting Falcons – Food Web Game

Hunting Falcons – Food Web Game

A blanket to represent the safety nest

This is a variation of Predator Prey Tag but with only one predator - the peregrine falcon (which eat birds) and one kind of prey - lots of swallows.

1. Choose one or two falcons and the rest will be swallows (5+ kids). The blanket is the nest where they are safe from predation.
2. When you say, FLY, all the swallows launch from the nest and run around the yard.
3. The falcons should also run around, but cannot hunt them until they raise their arms.
4. The swallows watch the falcons. When the falcon raise their arms, the swallows must run back to the nest to be safe. Once they are on the blanket they cannot be tagged out.
5. If the swallows are tagged, they become falcons and can raise their arms and hunt too.
6. Try several rounds of this so everyone gets to be predator and prey.

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