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Hoiho (Yellow-eyed Penguin )

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Megadyptes antipodes
Hoiho (Yellow-eyed Penguin )


They are only found in New Zealand.


They live in forests and scrublands near the coast and spend a good part of their time in the water - feeding.

Body Traits

They are dark on the back and white on the front. They have a yellow band of color around their heads and yellow eyes. They are about 2 feet tall and weigh about 10 pounds.


They have a sharp call. They can live up to 20 years. Their chicks are sometimes eaten by dogs, weasels (stoats), cats and ferrets.


They eat fish and squid.

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They live alone, not in groups like most penguins. They nest off by themselves. The nest of leaves and grass is tucked safely against a tree or bush. The couple, who mate for life, take turns sitting on and warming the eggs (incubating) for 6 weeks.

Hoiho (Yellow-eyed Penguin )

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