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Haunted House Poster with Secret Doors

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Halloween Haunted House Directions
1. Print the black Haunted House on heavier stock paper (if available).
2. Print the Haunted House Creatures sheet on orange paper (if available). If on white paper, color with orange crayon or highlighter.
3. Cut along the dotted lines ONLY for the windows and door on the Haunted House sheet.
4. Using a ruler along the bending edge, to create flat bend for door and windows. *Note that the windows in the bell towers are complete cut outs.
5. Cut out the Haunted House.
6. Using a glue stick, add glue to the back of the Haunted House sheet avoiding the folding windows and door. 7. Stick Haunted House sheet over the Creatures sheet, lining up creatures in the windows. Press down and hold in place until dry under a heavy book.
5. Try all the windows and doors. You are ready to go!

Haunted House Poster with Secret Doors

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