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Green Issues - Staying Informed

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Green Issues - Staying Informed

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Learn About Environmental Issues Online:

*These LINKS take you off the Exploring Nature Website

There are a lot of great websites online that you can look at for green tips. This can help you, your students and their families stay informed about the green things going on in the world.

“Sustainable Home and Garden,” put out by National Geographic Society, tells weekly tips about staying green. Their mission is to “inspire people to care about the planet.”

The Environmental Protection Agency website tells us about ways we can be safe while protecting the environment.

Campaign Earth gives tips on how we can live a greener lifestyle.

The Alliance to Save Energy - Wind Power

The American Wind Association - Wind Web Tutorial

The CIDA Forestry Advisors Network – Information on Deforestation

Department of Environmental Quality – Information on Wetlands

Environmental Health Perspectives – Information on Noise Pollution

Energy Information Administration - Information on Solar Power

The Environmental Literacy Council - Information on Environmental Issues

Endangered Species Act - Natuinal Fish and Wildlife site

• The EPA - Information on Acid Rain

• The EPA - Information on Coral Reef Protection links:

EPA: Water pollution topics

EPA: Air Pollution Topics

EPA: Oil Spills

EPA: About Wetlands

• Endangered Marine Species

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection – The Everglades

 The Food And Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations - Information on Water

“Frankenfoods” – Information on Genetically Engineered Food from LiveScience

International Society of Arboriculture - Information on Trees

EPA: Love Canal - Information on this Environmental Disaster

NASA – Information on Climate Change: Arctic Warming

• How Volcanoes Work

The National Parks Service - Information on the Everglades

National Recycling Coalition - Information on Recycling

The National Weather Service - Layer of the Atmosphere - Online School for Weather

Smithsonian Institution - Ocean Planet Exhibit

Overfishing the Oceans

• U.S. Department of the Interior | U.S. Geological Survey - Information on the Water Cycle links:

The Water Cycle

Hydroelectric Power

World Wildlife Fund - Information on Endangered Species


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