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Deciduous Forest Mural

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deciduous forest poster


Print out each animal or plant, color it, cut it out, laminate it, add it to your mural.

As a model building exercise (NGSS) to enhance and compliment animal reports, write a brief natural history summary for each species on a text plate (template at bottom) and post them down the sides of your mural.

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White-tailed deer for mural
mink for mural
red fox for mural
beaver for mural
black bear for mural
raccoon for mural
reay squirrel for mural
showshoe hare for mural
bobcat for mural

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red squirrel for mural
barred owl for mural
cottontailed rabbit for mural
wild turkey outline
ruffed grouse for mural
coyote for mural
opossum for mural
red-shouldered hawk for mural
blue jay for mural
amphibians for for mural
deciduous forest leaves for mural
deciduous forest mural model has more than 2,000 illustrated animals. Read about them, color them, label them, learn to draw them.