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Deciduous Forest Diorama

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1) Have students each collect a shoe box from home for their diorama.

2) Copy the Amazon background sheet, the animal key/forest floor sheet and the animal sheet (one set per student). Only the animal sheet needs be copied onto card stock or cover stock paper.

3) Instruct them to color all the sheets doing their very best work.

4) Have them glue the background sheet to the back of their diorama box.

5) Have them cut the animal key apart from the forest floor and glue the forest floor to the bottom of the diorama box and the key to the back or side (outside) of the diorama box.

6) Have them cut out the animals on the heavier animal sheet leaving the space under their feet intact.

7) Fold back the bottom flaps and glue the animals to the floor of the diorama (or walls for branches).

8) Or to keep animals mobile, cut out each animal stand, then carefully cut the dotted, vertical lines on their stands and slide them together with the animal so they stand upright.

9) Add them to your diorama.

10) Take a digital picture and email it to Exploring Nature to be posted on the site!


Here's a Deciduous Tree Mini-Poster to use as a guide.

Deciduous Forest Diorama
Deciduous Forest Diorama
Deciduous Forest Diorama

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