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Chromosomes, Genes and Traits

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Chromosomes, Genes and Traits
  1. There are 23 pairs of chromosomes found in the nucleus of each of your cells.
  2. Each chromosome carries hundreds to thousands of genes that code for proteins that are expressed as your traits.
  3. Everything about you – all your traits - are described by these genes; your hair color, eye color, allergies, physical shape, likes and dislikes, intelligence, health, etc. These genes are what and who we are.
  4. The genes appear layered on our chromosomes in a very specific way -- like a road map. This is called karyotype banding. If we know where each gene is located, we can find it on anyone’s chromosomes. This is very useful when looking for specific genes that may cause a deadly disease. The light and dark bands on the chromosome karyotype match with the light and dark staining chromatin.
Chromosomes, Genes and Traits

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