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Cells - Analogy Matching Activity

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Using the information you now know about the cell and its organelles, you can kind of see how efficient and self-contained each cell is, like a functioning household. Using that analogy to test your knowledge about the cell, name the organelle that would play the following roles in a household. Write in the number of the description that goes with each organelle. For an extra challenge, connect the organelle names to there depictions in the cell.

1. The walls of the house – that protects you and through which you can choose who enters and leaves.
2. The air in your home where everyone lives and breathes.
3. The cook who keeps track of everything.
4. Tupperware used for packaging things for storage at home or to give to the neighbors.
5. Burgers that are always on buffet for when you need the protein.
6. Many, many burgers served up on a conveyer belt.
7. Large sacs for storing things around the house.
8. The energy drink that provides glucose and other body fortifying compounds.
9. The garbage bags with special bacteria-killing linings.

Cells - Analogy Matching Activity

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