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Baby Animal Mural

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Baby Animal Nural Header


Create a Baby Animal Mural and teach students about animals and their young.

Animals and their Young: Below find several different animals and their young and a picture of the animal with its young together in their habitat. Have students color them and cut the animal pages out (leave the habitat page with its habitat intact). They can then be taped or glued onto a mural background.

Mural Background: The mural background should be created using a 10-foot long sheet of white rolled art paper. Using a thick black marker draw an open hillside and then some trees to represent forest. The kids can color these as well. If you are not confident about your drawing skills, print and cut out the background trees in the PDF below.

Red Fox
Fox Kits
Red Fox Family
Deer and Fawn, Doe and Fawn
Black bear
black bear cub
Black Bears and Cubs

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Pinkies, mouse babies
Mouse and pinkies
chick in a nest, hatchling
Robin and chick in nest

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