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Arteries of the Lower Limb (Pelvis, Leg and Foot) (Advanced*)

* Our Advanced Anatomy content is developed for High School and/or Introductory College Level Students.

Arteries of the Pelvis and Lower Limb (Hip, Leg and Foot) color

Arteries of the Pelvis and Lower Limb (Hip, Leg and Foot):

The common iliac arteries divide at the sacroiliac joint into the internal and external iliac arteries:

    > internal iliac arteries supplying blood to the pelvic wall and organs (bladder, rectum, reproductive organs, and medial thighs.

    > external iliac arteries supply the lower limbs and give off branches into the pelvis muscles and skin of the inferior abdominal wall.

       When the external iliac arteries pass under the inguinal ligament, they become the femoral arteries.

    > femoral arteries run down the anterio-medial thigh and give off:

            > deep femoral artery which supplies blood to the flexors of the thigh (postero-lateral thigh) and gives off:

            > lateral and medial circumflex arteries that encircle and nourish the head of the femur.

    > femoral arteries turn into popliteal arteries as they pass though the adductor hiatus and popliteal fossa behind the knee.

    > popliteal artery anastomose around knee and supplies blood to the knee region then splits into anterior and posterior tibial arteries.

    > anterior tibial artery (smaller of the two) runs through the anterior compartment of the leg and supplies blood to the extensor muscles.

       At the ankle it becomes the dorsalis pedis artery which is the pedal pulse point.

    > dorsalis pedis artery supplies blood to the ankle of dorsum (top) of foot. It then becomes the:   

    > arcuate artery which gives of the metatarsal arteries to the digits.

    > posterior tibial artery (larger) runs through the posterior compartment of the leg supplying blood to the flexor muscles of the leg.

       It gives off the:

              > peroneal artery that supplies blood to the lateral peroneal muscles of the leg.

       At the ankle it divides into:

    > lateral and medial plantar arteries supply blood to plantar surface (bottom) of the foot and then form:

    > the plantar arch which gives off the digital arteries.

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