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Animal Locomotion Puppet Game

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Animal Locomotion Puppet

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Objective: Teach young students about animals and how they move by making animal puppets and acting out their locomotion skills.

• sticks (tongue depressor style) - 2 per student
• glue sticks or stapler
• copies of animal locomotion sheets as needed
• crayons or markers
• copies of the

1) Xerox enough Animal Locomotion Sheets for each student to have one sheet.

2) Have students color their animals.

3) Cut the sheets on the darker dotted lines.

4) Fold the remaining sheets on the lighter dotted line.

5) Position one stick inside each folded, colored animal and either paste along the stick and edges of the paper or staple them.

6) One by one, call all the students up with the same animals and illustrate the locomotion they do. For example, ask all the kangaroos to come up to the front of the room and while the other students watch, show their word jump and lead that group of students around the room – jumping.

7) Have extra copies and sticks available if students wish to color and collect all the animal puppets.

8) Hand out copies of the Animal Locomotion Matching activity sheet and walk the kids through how to match their animals to their mode of locomotion.

(See key and high resolution version for printing in PDF below)

Locomotion Puppet Activity sheets
Locomotion Puppet Activity sheets
Locomotion Puppet Activity sheets
Locomotion Puppet Activity sheets
Locomotion Puppet Activity sheets

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