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Adding Student Projects to the Database

Publishing Student Work
<p>Adding Student Projects to the Database</p>

Exploring Nature welcomes student research to be displayed here for other schools nationally to observe, learn from, and use as a model in their own programs.

To add your students' work, please develop it as you would a science project with: project title, age of students, materials used, projects goals and/or questions to be answered, procedures, results, conclusions and comments.

Graphs, charts and any graphics can be submitted as jpegs (72dpi). Each should have a caption explaining what they represent. We cannot post excel files. Lists of data must be submitted as text lists in a word file.

Submit these components to Exploring Nature via email to: We will communicate with you about posting the work, if we need further explanations, clarification, art resent, etc.

Good luck with your research! has more than 2,000 illustrated animals. Read about them, color them, label them, learn to draw them.

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