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Winter Animal Mural - Survival Adaptations


Animals have many ways to survive the winter. Create a Winter Animal Mural and teach students about migration, hibernation, changing colors, thickening coats, hunting, browsing, and many other adaptations that animals have developed to survive the winter months.

Winter Animals: Below find winter animals displaying different types of winter survival adaptations. Have students color them (or leave the white ones white) and cut them out. They can be placed on a winter mural background.

Winter Mural Background: The winter mural background should be created using a 10-foot long sheet of white rolled art paper. Using a thick black marker draw two hillsides and a couple of snow-covered pine trees and leafless birches as background. If you are not confident about your drawing skills, print and cut out the background trees in the PDF below.

To reinforce Winter Adaptation concepts, try the Winter Adaptations Coloring Page.

To assess comprehension of Winter Adaptation concepts, try the Winter Adaptations Activity.

Winter Animal Mural - Survival Adaptations, hibernation mural
Canada Geese migrating
Fox hunting
weasel hunting
Woodchuck  Hibernating
chipmunk  Hibernating
Bear Hibernating
Grouse eating buds
deer grazing
Snowshoe hare turning white
Winter trees
Winter House and trees has more than 2,000 illustrated animals. Read about them, color them, label them, learn to draw them.