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Forest Life Investigation - The Nurse Log

Read about the Nurse Log "phenomena" in the activity below. On your next walk in the woods, look for fallen trees tht are now rotting logs and overgrowth tree stumps. Examine them closely. Answer the following questions (print out PDF for answer sheet):

1. Do you see signs of animals feeding on top of the log or stump? (broken acorns, pine cones, animals scats)

2. Do you see small tree seedlings growing on top of the log or stump?

3. If you saw both of the things mentioned above, can you make a connection between them? (HINT: How does animals feeding on seeds on the nurse log lead to seedlings growing on and rooting into the nurse log?)

4. Why do you think a nurse log is a good medium for rowing young plants?

Forest Life Activity - The Nurse Log

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Forest Life Activity - The Nurse Log

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