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Tree Seeker and Guide - Learning About Trees and Special Senses


We use all our senses to learn about the world, but our dominant sense is sight. Try this game to use all your senses while learning more about the trees in your area.

1. Have the kids sit in the middle of an open area surrounded by many trees. This activity has one tree guide and one tree seeker at a time (and the others can watch and call out encouragement) or the whole group can partner up with one partner being the seeker and one being the guide (and then trading for a second round). Then the whole group can play at once.

2. The seeker is blindfolded. The guide turns them three times (gently!) so they don’t know which direction they are facing.

3. The guide leads them carefully to a tree.

4. The seeker feels the bark, the size of the trunk, a branch and leaf (with help from the guide).

5. The guide takes them back to the center of the green area and spins them three times (gently!) and sits them down.

6. The seeker takes off the blindfold.

7. Then, using what they felt, they examine the trees and pick out their tree. Try this first by just looking at the trees. If the seeker still can’t find their tree, they can touch the trees. Once the seeker finds their tree the round is over.

8. Then the seeker and guide trade roles and do another round.

Tree Seeker and Guide - Learning About Trees and Special Senses

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