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Tree List - Graphic Organizer

Graphic Organizer - Tree List
Graphic Organizer - Tree List

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All About Plants Flip Chart Set
Each Curriculum Mastery Flip Chart is mounted on a sturdy easel and features:
    •    10 Double-sided, laminated 12" x 18" charts
    •    Side 1 features a colorful, graphic overview of the topic
    •    Side 2 serves as a "write-on/wipe-off" activity chart featuring questions, labeling exercises, vocabulary review & more!
    •    Activity Guide featuring black-line copy-masters & exercises
Set Includes the following 10 charts:
    1.    The Plant Kingdom
    2.    Plant Cells & Photosynthesis
    3.    Pollination & Germination
    4.    Gymonsperm vs. Angiosperm
    5.    Structure & Function of Plants
    6.    Adaptations of Plants
    7.    Plant Reproduction
    8.    Carnivorous Plants
    9.    Plants/Trees of North America
    10.  Flowering vs. Non-Flowering

Graphic Organizer - Tree List has more than 2,000 illustrated animals. Read about them, color them, label them, learn to draw them.

cheetah, tiger, panda, fox, bear, cougar