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Body Systems (Middle School)

Body Systems (9)

The Body Systems
Many organs work together to form the body’s organ systems. Each body system has important jobs to do and works together with other body systems to form a stable working body - homeostasis.
1. The integumentary system (also called skin) supports and protects us.
2. The skeletal system gives us our internal support, like the beams in a building, and anchors our muscles so we can move.
3. The muscular system pulls on our bones so we can move. Our muscles also warm us up as they work.
4. The nervous system controls all the other body systems using electrical impulses to receive information and give orders.
5. The endocrine system makes the hormones that control a lot of our body functions along with the nervous system.
6. The circulatory system moves food and oxygen to where they are needed and removes waste.
7. The respiratory system brings in oxygen and expels carbon dioxide waste.
8. The digestive system breaks down the foods we eat so our body can use it for energy, growth and repair.
9. The reproductive system is how we pass on our genes while creating more people.

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Body Systems (9)
Body Systems (9)

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