Frequently Asked Questions

What is Exploring Nature Educational Resource?
Exploring Nature Educational Resource is an organization that provides educational resources, programs and activities about natural science and nature studies for students, teachers and librarians/media specialists. ENER also consults on the development of educational nature trails, their mapping and guide development, takes groups out onto established nature trails, and visits schools with science programming.

What age is the target audience of the website?
The website is primarily written for grades K-8 students, but is slowly expanding to include High School natural science resources. The site is also meant to provide educational materials for science and environmental educators.

How often does new information get added to the website?
The Science Coordinator adds new information weekly in response to teacher requests and our ongoing curriculum expansion.

Who can join the site?
Site membership is open to anyone, but is targeted for K-8 media specialists and science educators who can offer the resources to their students. It is also ideal for home schoolers and parents that need a science education resource.

How can you get more information about products in the science store?
You can ask for it by emailing:

How can educators ask for specific topics, animal info or activities that they would like to see offered
on the site?

Email us at:

How long does it take to have requests fulfilled?
Exploring Nature Educational Resource will try to post requested items on the site within ten days, but sometimes they can come up the next day!

Can I look at the site before I commit to subscribe?
Much of the site is free. While exploring the site, you can see the additional member benefits. To check out subscription fees member benefits or subscribe now click here.