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latest news!Students can use the animal databases to research animal reports, complete homework assignments, and find pictures of their favorite animals. They can learn to draw animals, work on vocabulary with word searches or just have fun doing mazes and watching wildlife movies. Parents have a resource for helping their children do online research and complete school assignments. They can choose from the dozens of science activities for educational and creative rainy day pastimes.

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ALA Great Websites for Kids Award

Librarians, classroom teachers, and homeschoolers can use Exploring Nature to develop lesson plans for units on animals (mammals, birds, insects, spiders, sharks, fish, amphibians, reptiles, etc.), plants (wildflowers, trees, cacti, etc.), biomes (forests, deserts, oceans, polar regions, rain forests, wetlands, the tundra, etc.), adaptations (structure and function), farm animals, life cycles, food webs, ecology, the human body, genetics, space and the environment.

Funding your Exploring Nature Subscription

Different states and regions have different procedures, for example:

  • NYC Teachers can now find us on FAMIS #SHE572288
  • In Upstate NY we are funded by BOCES CoSers (504 and others)
  • For the Dallas ISD in Texas:
    - Our Vendor Number is: 50195
    - The Instructional Materials RFP is: 203558

Ask your district purchasing department have Exploring Nature added to your district’s Approved Vendor List, email us or ask your purchasing department to add us.

Educators are encouraged to send in requests for more science topics and species that they would like to see added to the website. Exploring Nature was developed to meet the natural science needs of educators and students. Tell us what you need!

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